Didier Recloux has brought his talents to the BBC, Financial Times, and a number of award-winning film projects. His creativity, professionalism, and ear for harmony set him apart from others in his field.
Didier was born in Belgium to a Polish mother and a Belgian father.
His earliest memory of music growing up is listening to his grandmother sing to the melody of Chaplin's “Limelight”. So from those early days, he was hooked on music.

A classically trained guitarist, Didier didn't stop there and went on to learn how to play the drums and sing. He obtained a diploma from the Los Angeles Film Music Institute, and a certificate of music technology from IMW, London.
After taking a master class with Hollywood orchestrator, 
Steven Scott Smalley , he most recently completed a specialist certificate in harmony, counterpoint, and music for film and television from Berklee College of Music.

His first compositions consisted of writing musical scores for short films and websites. Melody is the most important component of his musical work, and he believes in the power of it to touch the audience. He crafts music that enhances the visual experience on screen.As he takes on more professional projects,he continues to strive for personal growth by constant studying.

Didier is currently taking private lessons in both composition and piano.
As he continues to write for new projects, he hopes to create music that will have a life beyond film – moving people in the same way it has moved him.